Handcrafted wooden Threedom® set, 1997.
Significant design developments Pieces: Began with 15 pieces per player, reduced to 12 and finally settled on 10; as its indivisibility by 3 ensures that players have to work to get their pieces around the board safely. Dice: Began with 6-sided dice, replaced with 8-sided dice, uniquely numbered 0-7. This numbering allows the possibility of a zero throw. Board: The removal of walls, through the Central Stripe and the end stripes. This permits the free flow of movement around the board.
about | the history of the game One evening, in November 1978, the concept of Threedom was born. Three friends; Pete, Sandy, and Andy, realised that as far as they were aware at the time, there were no games specifically designed for three players to play, and set out to invent one. It could have been just that evening's entertainment, but Pete and Sandy were intrigued, and over the next few months they continued to design their game. Life moved on, and the project stalled. Pete though, decided he needed to carry on, and with the help of friends and family, he continued to develop the game; making, commissioning, and playing on, numerous prototypes. He came up with the name, Threedom® (also known as 3dom®), and in its initial form the game was granted Patent Pending in 1981. In 1982 Threedom was put on hold: but at the start of the 90's, Pete rediscovered the game and tried to play it. He realised that although he could barely remember any of the rules, there was still a basic sense of enjoyment in playing the game. He began to wonder whether it would be possible to reunite the three friends to complete the project. For a short while this did seem feasible, but geography and commitment intervened, Andy had to withdraw, and once again it was up to Pete and Sandy to see it through. Over a number of years, the two friends spent countless evenings testing, redesigning and arguing over the rules and appearance of the game, until eventually the design was finalised; the rules were agreed; Patents and Registered Trademarks were granted; and a company, Threedom Limited, was established. The triangle was completed when Andy re-joined the team...The three friends are working together again. Threedom has been through decades of refinement to achieve what we have today: a game to be enjoyed anywhere, by anyone, whenever three people want to play. Threedom®: the game for three players.